Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Salute to a Veteran

I had the privilege of attending the 98th Birthday party thrown for Emile Collins at the Town Hall this afternoon. He is physically somewhat bowed by age, but this remarkable and inspirational man's brain and wit remain as sharp as ever. He is well into his seventh decade of political activism, but he is still standing up to be counted at every opportunity, and standing behind those who campaign for Jersey's ordinary people. If I am lucky enough to still be alive and in my right mind at his age, I shall remember him, and owe it to his memory to keep on standing up for my beliefs and my fellow islanders, too. For now though, he is still a presence, not a memory, and still talks good sense on Jersey politics. Let us treasure him.
Check out Voice for Jersey blog if you don't know who I am on about; they currently have a good article on him running.


Jill Gracia said...

A true inspiration, and a man with the courage of his convictions still at the age of 98.

We could all learn a lesson or two from this man. Emile, may you have many more 'happy returns'.

Anonymous said...

Pity we weren't allowed to go to the unveiling of something for public display, attended by public officials, in a public building :)
Invite only!!

Ugh, It's Him! said...


I am sure that the organisers would have been happy to include you, had you told them you wanted to come. They wanted as many of his friends, family and political allies as they could get. Just not gatecrashers who were there for the refreshments and wouldn't know Emile Collins from Reg Jeune.
However, Emile's example is one of standing up to be counted, of putting your own name, face and voice to what you want to say. I am not sure why one of the many cyber-hoodies lurking under the great stone "Anonymous" would want their face seen at such an event.