Saturday, 18 June 2011

Our Leader?


Anonymous said...

Tom Gruchy says
Who is "our leader?"
There is certainly a long list of earthlings to choose from before we start looking to the skies;

HM Queen or our Duke. Not clearly the same person in the 21st century.
UK Prime Minister and 1st Lord of the Treasury.
HM Lt Governor
HM Bailiff
Chief Minister
Freddie Cohen as Foreign Minister?

Of course, we the people do not actually elect any of these bods into their respective offices so on a democratic basis, none can really claim to be our leader.

So who might be the boss figure in your cartoon is anybody's guess but what shall we be doing in October? Who are we actually voting for if it's not to choose "our leader?"

During the next States term after October it is very likely that the question will have to be resolved because the Bailhache boys and others are straining to do a Scotland and break with London (and Europe).

Shall this question feature in the October election? It is doubtful.

The Lord Carswell inquiry raised very little interest among the "progressives" of Jersey and was dominated by the Bailhache boys and friends. As usual, the complaints from the electorate will arise long after all the important decisions have been made.
So, looks like the people will be "taken" yet again.

Anonymous said...

From looking at the evidence on VFC and Rico Sorda's blog, the leader is 7Bedford Row. Or, at least they see to be in charge of making powerful decisions on what's best for the people of Jersey.

Tom Gruchy said...

So is Freddie going for leader?
How odd that an international role can be created without any public consultation and it soon becomes a more important post than Minister of Planning?
Even if Freddie gives up the Foreign Minister role in October - somebody will be taking it on. Where is it leading us? Jersey's foreign policy is supposed to be the same as London's. If there is a change who shall decide which to follow?
There are huge constitutional developments being undertaken here before our very eyes - but who cares? Sleep on.....

Anonymous said...

Have you deleted a bunch of comments???

Ugh, It's Him! said...

I haven't deleted them, but they have certainly disappeared, to be replaced by a load of links that I did not post by any deliberate action. I shall see if they have gone into any folder I can repost them from, and if not we shall just have to wait and see if Google unglitch whatever has gone wrong. if they don't reappear, then I am simply getting the service I am paying for: Blogspot is free!

Ugh, It's Him! said...

I see now: the recent comment thread has been on an old post, the Truck Crash Politics cartoon, while you are now looking at the recent Our Leader? cartoon, which I didn't notice as I route comments on this blog through Yahoo Mail.