Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Real Party Here At Last?

Press release

A group of Jersey residents are planning to set up a Jersey branch of Lib Dems Abroad. A new States is in place. We recognise that Jersey needs policies that face up to the scale of the economic, environmental and social challenges facing the island. To help to draw up these policies, Lib Dems Abroad in Jersey can look at the work of the UK Liberal Democrat party and can consider how far they apply in a local context. We feel that their strong emphasis on local community issues alongside an outward looking international agenda fits well with the best of Jersey traditions.
While we endorse open debate and fairly placed criticism we do not collectively associate with the views of any particular Lib Dem MP or spokesperson on matters affecting Jersey.. However a grouping of people, proud of traditional Jersey values, who wish to see them continue to flourish in the best interests of all Jersey people, not just in finance, can help to promote positive new policies here.
An initial meeting has been planned for 5.30 pm on Wednesday, December 7th at Hautlieu School to form a committee and receive ideas from everyone interested in the proposal. Later there will be a vote on a constitution for the Jersey branch, using a draft provided by Lib. Dems Abroad.
We are supported by two candidates in the recent Senatorial elections, Rose Colley and Mark Forskitt, both of whom have served as Lib Dem councillors in the UK in the past.
We hope to involve both young and not so young. Maureen Lakeman, studying the International Bacclaureate at Hautlieu, has already attended two Lib Dem conferences in UK. Ed Le Quesne was a member of the SDP and then joined the Lib Dems when it first formed and through the Amos Group of Christians Together in Jersey has long taken a close interest in local affairs.
If you can’t attend the initial meeting, please register your interest by e-mailing one of us. It is not necessary to be a member of the Lib Dems to attend.
Maureen Lakeman Maureenlakeman@hotmail.com 07797 920606
Ed Le Quesne edleq@jerseymail.co.uk 730131
November 2011


Anonymous said...

Well intentioned as many of the the parties policies undoubtedly are, I'm not sure, given the patronage of such luminaries as Cable, Murphy and Hemmings, all traditionally and vocally staunch critics of this island, that the Liberal Democrats are natural bedfellows for the voting population of Jersey.

James said...


If you mean Richard Murphy (Tax Research), to my knowledge he is not a member of the LibDems and never has been.

Anonymous said...

No, Murphy is a dyed in the Wool labourite, unless it suits his purpose that day to buddy up to the Liberal left on such sites as Liberal Conspiracy.


I didn't mean he was a member of the party, but he does like to dally with giving Cable and Co advice. (Whether, in common with most people he 'advises', they want it or not)

Apologies for suggesting otherwise.

Tom Gruchy said...

Interview with Maureen Lakeman on tomgruchy/blogspot.com
So we all live in a yellow submarine do we?