Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I Never Said It Was All Lies, Although I Wish I Didn't Believe This One

While my commentators still have not convinced me that I should ever vote for Stuart Syvret again, I do continue to keep up with his blog. It needs a sceptical approach, as I am sure that not all of is true, but I am equally sure that over half of it is. And this morning, on the current comment thread
he revealed a new take on the outrageous police raid on the home he used to share with Deputy Carolyn Labey. Maybe just another plausible lie, but this one has a horrible believability about it. Not proven beyond all reasonable doubt, but certainly reasonable grounds for suspicion and a case to answer.

The gist, is that Deputy Labey had gathered evidence of corruption involving someone who was a minister until very recently, and a police officer whom Syvret regularly accuses of also being grossly corrupt used Syvret as an excuse to try and snatch Deputy Labey's evidence and dispose of it. Go read Syvret's own version.

I think investigative journalism is a much apter vocation for him than politics ever was. I do not see voting for him as part of the answer to this kind of problem, but he is doing a fine job in raising the questions. It will be interesting to see whether anyone, who has not been silly enough to throw their seat in the States away, picks this ball up and runs with it. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Syvret raises some good points, articulates them and gets an audience on his side.But what then ?
Like Gordon Brown there are serious questions about his interpersonal skills, well beyond "a little rudeness. "
Ask yourself,can a person who is always right,who assasinates anyone who disagrees and who plays the victim when his own accountability is questioned, be an effective leader of a party with all the compromise and persuasion that that requires?
It is tragic.
If the electorate vote him in look forward to more years of ranting and shouting and no real progress in building a viable opposition.

Other Exile said...

It takes all sorts to oppose an Establishment .. or Oligarchy as Stuart likes to call them.

On his own Stuart is a very visible symbol of opposition to the corrupt cabal that run Jersey. His strengths are his tenacity and his fearlessness when faced with the furious reaction from the powers that be.

But of course more than that is needed. What is needed is a united determined group that will help fight to turn Jersey into a place where life is worth living for all of its inhabitants. Stuart is part of that process, and so are others, who have different approaches. What is not part of that approach is stupid sectarian point scoring amongst progressives, who value their personal grudges above change.

Ugh, It's Him! said...

Other Exile:

shortly, I think, I shall post a screen grab of Stuart's postings in the members only comment section of IsThisJersey before he started the blog. Then you will understand our problem with him.